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Bathroom Remodeling

Do you have a bathroom that feels drab, boring, or out of date? Do you have cracked tiles, a chipped countertop, or a scratched up bathtub? Are you tired of asking people to use the upstairs bathroom because you’re embarrassed by the main floor one? Then contact us today!

Los Angeles County

Home Repairs

Advanced Home Repairs is the top handyman in the region. We’ve been helping homeowners fix their drywall (among countless other services) for years. Over time we’ve become known as the go-to handyman for repairs and maintenance services.

Los Angeles County

Kitchen Remodeling

At Advanced Home Repairs, we believe that kitchens should be all these things and more. They should reflect the way you want to live your life. They should reflect your unique individuality and serve the needs of everyone in the house or condo. And in Los Angeles County, there’s no one more experienced in kitchen remodeling than Advanced Home Repairs. We have the knowledge and experience to put you in the kitchen of your dreams.

Los Angeles County